Spotify Exclude from your Taste Profile

Spotify is adding a new feature that will be great for those who use it for more than just their personal entertainment. Whether you use it to play white noise to help you sleep, or pacify kids with songs from their favourite shows, you probably don’t want those influencing the recommended songs that the services shows you. The new feature, called “Exclude from your Taste Profile”, does just that for playlists that you designate so.

What the feature does is about as intuitive as it gets, with such a self-explanatory name. But if you’re wondering what a Taste Profile is to begin with, this is essentially the algorithm that Spotify uses to identify the kinds of tracks that you like, and recommend new ones to you based on that.

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So with the “Exclude from your Taste Profile”, you can select specific playlists that contains tracks that are, well, not of your usual taste. This is done by simply hitting the three dots on the playlist and selecting the feature itself. As a bonus, Spotify says that it will be applied retroactively, meaning that it will also exclude past listening sessions of affected playlists from being included in your Taste Profile. You can also remove the designation from those playlists if you change your mind later.

While this is a noteworthy addition to the service, it’s a little odd that Spotify is limiting this “Exclude from your Taste Profile” to only playlists. While that may be the most general use case, I can personally think of a few songs in my library that I would give the designation. But at any rate, the company says that it is rolling this feature out starting today. We don’t see it just yet, if you don’t either, then you might need to wait a bit before you get it.

(Source: Spotify)

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