Sony Linkbuds S Earth Blue

The Sony Linkbuds S was released back in June of this year, and we quite liked what it offered as an overall package. It already has three colours for you to choose from if you’re interested in picking one up yourself. But if you can afford to wait a little, there’s a much more exciting Earth Blue colour coming in the middle of next month.

The very pragmatic amongst you may already be thinking that a new colour variant with no new features is nothing special, and therefore not worth the wait. And normally I’d agree, but you wouldn’t be giving this new colour variant of the Sony Linkbuds S a fair chance unless you at least gave it a good look. Unlike the other three colour variants, this Earth Blue version doesn’t just come with a flat coat of paint, which gives it so much more style points over the other options.

Sony Linkbuds S Earth Blue no case
Source: Sony.

The average Sony Linkbuds S already uses recycled plastics from automobile parts in its making. But for the Earth Blue version, the company says that parts of this is made using recycled water bottles instead. This is in conjunction with the company’s efforts to go green, which is commendable and all that jazz. But the bonus here is that the recycled plastic bottle material being used also gives this colour variant its unique marble-like look. Which fits its name, since from all the shots taken from space, this planet we call home does look like a big blue marble after all.

If you like what you see and want to get your hands on a pair of Sony Linkbuds S in the new Earth Blue colour, you’ll have to wait a little, as mentioned earlier. This is because this colour variant will only be available on 14 November. That being said, judging from the company’s local online store, it looks like there will not be a fancy look premium, and it will still be priced at the original RM929.

(Source: Sony Malaysia)

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