Snap is working on a new subscription service for Snapchat called the Snapchat Plus. The company confirmed the development of the service through a media statement which revealed that the service will give Snapchatters access to exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi managed to discover some of the functionalities being developed for Snapchat Plus. One of the features that will be included is the ability to pin one of your contacts as your “#1 BFF”, which is sure to incite a flame war within your circle.

Some other features include changing the Snapchat icon, seeing the orbit between you and your chosen BFF, getting a badge on your profile to show you’re a subscriber, and seeing who rewatched your story. You can even see your friend’s whereabouts within the last 24 hours, as long they share their location with you.

According to Paluzzi, Snapchat Plus will be priced at EUR4.59 (~RM21) for one month, EUR24.99 (~RM115) for six months, and EUR45.99 (~RM212) for a whole year’s subscription, which is a bit pricier than Twitter’s premium subscription service. Of course, this information has not yet been made official by Snap, so the pricing might change when it finally rolls out.

snapchat plus subscription
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi/Twitter

The company said that it is still doing early internal testing, so it might be a while before general users have access to it. It has been previously reported that the social media firm is also working on mid-roll ads for stories, a new revenue-sharing scheme currently being tested with a limited number of creators.

Snap, which took a financial hit last year when Apple allowed users to turn off ad tracking, isn’t the only social media platform pivoting to subscriptions to boost revenue. Telegram is working on a similar premium subscription for access to exclusive features and is due to be launched later this month while Twitter rolled out its Blue service last year in several countries.

(Source: The Verge.)

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