Pikachu Jet Scoot

You have probably seen pictures of Pokemon-themed planes on the internet before, and have wondered what it would be like to be in it. If you have, then the good news is that it will be easier to do so than ever before. This is because The Pokemon Company and Singaporean low-cost airline Scoot have partnered up to put a Pikachu Jet in the island country.

This marks the first Pokemon Air Adventures experience in the ASEAN region, according to The Pokemon Company. For context, the Pokemon Air Adventures is an initiative by TPC to basically encourage flying again and making it extra fun with the extra Pokemon flavour.

Pikachu Jet Scoot interior

Scoot Pokemon merch

What sort of flavour, you ask? Beyond the obvious Pokemon livery on the plane exterior, you get more character prints on the inside as well. The same extends to bits of the in-flight meals as well. And finally, TPC and Scoot also have some exclusive merchandise, in the form of a lanyard, a tote bag and some bucket hats. The electric mouse is the most common of them all, most of which also shows it with a bunch of balloons. If you know your Pokemon, then you know where the reference is from.

The Pikachu Jet itself is a Beoing 787-9 Dreamliner with a 375 seating capacity. And it will be starting its first flight as soon as 9 September.

Source: The Pokemon Company.

As you’d expect from a promotional event where the location plays an important role, The Pokemon Company also has something else arranged in Singapore, but between 18 and 20 November instead. You may have already guessed it, but it’s a Pokemon Go event, called Pokemon Go Safari Zone: Singapore. Featured during this weekend are Maractus, and the chance for a Shiny Purrloin.

You can find out more about this Pokemon Air Adventures tie-in with Scoot, the flight schedule for the Pikachu Jet. its destinations and prices, by visiting the airline’s dedicated web page, linked here. Though spoiler alert, you’ll be disappointed if you don’t want to go anywhere that’s not Narita or Incheon.

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