Starting from today until 1 June 2022, Malaysians aged 18 to 20 years old as well as full-time Malaysian students at local private and public higher education institutions are able to claim free RM150 e-wallet credit via the ePemula program. This can be done through several e-wallet services including ShopeePay.

Just like previous federal e-wallet incentive programs, eligible individuals can also obtain additional perks on top of the free credit. In the case of ShopeePay, the perks come in the form of vouchers worth in total of RM500.shopeepay epemula

Specifically, those who claimed the ePemula credit through ShopeePay will receive ShopeeFood vouchers worth up to RM310 that they can use to obtain food discounts and free delivery. There are also ShopeePay cashback vouchers of up to RM90 together with up to RM50 Shopee Mall brand vouchers.

Not only that, ePemula claimants can also obtain RM50 mobile data vouchers for the Yes Prepaid service. If they are not a Yes customer and want to give it a try, they can request for free SIM card from the telco directly through Shopee.shopeepay epemula

The first 200,000 ePemula claimants will also be provided with additional Shopee vouchers worth RM100. Meanwhile, do note that the ePemula RM150 credit can only be used for transactions at physical locations while the ShopeePay ePemula perks can be utilized for both online and offline transactions.

Furthermore, don’t forget that the ePemula RM150 credit will expire on 11 June, so you have until 10 June to spend it.

(Source: Shopee.)

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