Sennheiser recently released a teaser announcement for a brand new pair of headphones, the Momentum 4 Wireless.  The reveal was made official via a press release, and to our surprise, it doesn’t actually contain a whole lot of information.

As per the official fluff, the Momentum 4 Wireless is expected to house what Sennheiser calls an “audiophile-inspired” 32 transducer system that is designed to offer “brilliant” dynamics and clarity, for whatever that is worth. The brand goes on to say that each speaker on the earcups will be angled as a way of ensuring sound is channeled slightly from the front, as a way of ensuring that user’s experience a more natural soundstaging.

To reiterate, the Momentum 4 Wireless is a pair of over-ear headphones, and not the in-ear headphones that recently entered their third iteration. To that end, Sennheiser also went on to say that the new headphones will feature an all-new lightweight design with a focus on acoustic performance; deep-cushioned earpads that would essentially reduce the fatigue that usually comes from wearing a pair of headphones over long periods of time; and an advanced Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature to block out all ambient sounds, although at this stage, this feature is less of a luxury and more of a staple on high-end, premium headphones these days.

(Image source: Sennheiser.)

While we still do not know what sort of performance the Momentum 4 Wireless will be able to produce, Sennheiser did mention that the battery life on the new headphones is expected to last a whopping 60 hours. For context, that’s double the battery life of even Sony’s recently launched WH-1000XM5 headphones. For that matter, we’ll be putting up a review of those earcans soon, so stay tuned.

It is clear that Sennheiser is showing no signs of slowing down the products release of its consumers electronics division, especially after it was acquired by Sonova, the Swiss-based medical audio maker. The latter bought out the brand’s division for a handsome sum of 200 million Euros (~RM923 million), after the subject was forced to slash hundreds of jobs, in order to stay afloat.

At the time of writing, the Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones are expected to be available from August 2022 onwards., however, no specific date or official pricing has been provided.

(Source: Sennheiser, Forbes)

Najlaa Aina contributed to this article.

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