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If you are a proponent of gaming chairs, and have splurged good cash on one, chances are it’s a Secretlab. If you’ve done it recently, then it’s probably a Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022, which has a lot of special editions. It’s fair to say that owning them all is far from financially practical. Now, the company has the “solution” to this unusual conundrum, in the form of Skins for the chair.

Secretlab itself describes these Skins as sleeves for its TITAN Evo 2022 chair. Think of it as a fancy pillow case for your gaming chair, that takes about three minutes to put on. These are made using the company’s SoftWeave Plus fabric found on some of its chairs, so it adds an additional layer of cushioning. And if it gets dirty, you can take it off for a wash. Which is a much more straightforward affair than cleaning your faux leather chair.

Secretlab Skins compare
Source: Secretlab.

But most importantly, these Skins allow you to change the look of your Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022, as mentioned earlier. Now, rather than feeling bummed that you didn’t wait long enough for the special edition that you actually wanted to get announced, you can just get the Skin that looks the part. To be fair, this is still not a surefire solution, as there’s no Skin for the Assassin’s Creed or Minecraft look for now. There is a Batman skin, which should be fine unless you’re extra particular about which Batman look you want.

Secretlab Skins themes
Source: Secretlab.

The Secretlab Skins for its TITAN Evo 2022 chairs are not yet available for the Malaysian market, and you can only register your interest on the website. But our neighbour down south can get the basic Skins for SG$239, and special themed ones for SG$269. Which is no doubt pricey, and you can probably buy another entry level gaming chair for the same price. But for what it’s worth, you’ll be extending the lifespan of the chair that’s worth about RM2000.

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