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RHB Bank has announced that its internet and mobile banking platform RHB Now will be discontinued effectively starting 31 March this year. Existing users are advised to migrate over to RHB Online Banking in order to continue using the bank‘s numerous online services.

According to a report by RinggitPlus, RHB said the decision to no longer rely on RHB Now is to further ensure the protection of customers through the latest security enhancements offered via its newer online platform. Moreover, the move is also in line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s mandate which requires all banks to strengthen the security of their online presence.

For the uninitiated, RHB Online Banking offers pretty much all of the same services as the older platform, but presented with an all-new interface and a new URL at onlinebanking.rhbgroup.com. Prior to this, RHB has already migrated its Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) service over to the new site on 19 December 2022.

Despite being on a separate platform, existing users on RHB Now are not required to create a new account in order to enjoy the services available on RHB Online. That being said, they can simply log onto the latter by using the same username and password, though previous preferences on services such as recurring transactions, favourite accounts and so on will need to be configured manually upon migration.

rhb now migration online banking platform bank
The RHB Online Banking website’s landing page.

RHB Bank is recommending customers to shift over to the new platform “immediately” to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, it also strongly advises users to remove all of their existing recurring transactions from RHB Now for uninterrupted transactions after making the jump.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact RHB Bank directly through its call centre at +603 9206 8118, or via email at customer.service@rhbgroup.com. Alternatively, you can also choose to message the bank through its official Facebook page, or tweet directly to its official account on Twitter.

(Source: RHB press release, via RinggitPlus)

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