Razer Stream Controller

If you’re into content creation of the streaming variety, then you probably already have, or are looking for, a tool to give you easier access to often used shortcuts. Gaming peripheral maker Razer is looking to provide you with one such tool, with the launch of what it calls the Stream Controller.

On the surface, the Razer Stream Controller has a touchscreen featuring 12 haptic switchblade keys, six dials in total on both sides of the screen, and eight programmable buttons at the bottom. The buttons and touchscreen keys can be programmed to trigger commands or macros, with the latter being also customisable to show the relevant icons tied to the specific command or macro.

On its product page, the company says that the Razer Stream Controller is made in partnership with Loupedeck Software. As a result, the software you use with this piece of hardware is not Razer’s own Synapse, but Loupedeck’s. In fact, the Stream Controller itself looks pretty much like Loupedeck Live, just without the original branding at the top, and with Razer’s branding at the bottom.

Razer Stream Controller 2
Source: Razer.

Speaking of software, The Verge reports that the Razer Stream Controller is capable of switching profiles based on the active software on your PC. If you’ve set them up accordingly, you can have the Stream Controller show you shortcuts for, say, Adobe Photoshop when you are using it. And when you switch back to your streaming software, say OBS, then the Stream Controller goes back to showing shortcuts and commands that you’ve set up for streaming.

According to the official Razer online store, the Stream Controller will be priced at RM1299. That being said, it’s not actually available just yet, with the usual “buy” button replaced instead with “notify me”. The Verge reports that it will be available sometime in fall, which is between late September and late December.

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