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Rapid KL has started a new campaign for its commuters, one that takes an odd approach that specifically encourages the use of e-hailing instead of the company’s own busses. The MyJourney campaign rewards users with free rides on public transport if they use e-hailing services to travel to any train station.

MyJourney is running from 1 September 2022 all the way to 28 February 2023. What the campaign entails is that commuters collect stamps every time they take e-hailing to any LRT, MRT, or Monorail station. The more stamps you collect, the better the rewards you can redeem.

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Image: Rapid KL

To start your stamp-collecting journey, you must first go to the customer service counter at any Rapid KL train station and get the MyJourney card to register, which requires you to present a digital e-hailing receipt with any rail station as its end destination. From then on, you can get a new stamp on your card at the counter every time you use ride-hailing to get to Rapid KL stations.

As for the rewards, you can redeem a single-journey rail token for six stamps. If you’re willing to hold out longer, you can get a 1-day MyCity pass for 12 stamps or a 3-day MyCity pass for 18 stamps. The pass lets you have unlimited use of the LRT, MRT, Monorail, and BRT within its validity period.

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Interestingly, the rewards that you redeemed can be used by your friends or family, so you can give them to others if you have no use for them if, say, you’re a My50 user. It’s important to note that you can only get your card stamped if you use ride-hailing, with Rapid KL specifically mentioning that those taking the bus or their own vehicles are not eligible.

It’s a bit strange that a public transport operator wants to boost the ridership of e-hailing instead of its own bus services. That being said, the campaign could be advantageous for those who already frequently use ride-hailing apps for their first- and last-mile transit. Coincidently, Rapid KL also tweeted a teaser today, hinting at an upcoming collaboration with bus e-hailing firm Kumpool.

(Source: Rapid KL)

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