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Krafton, the devs behind PUBG Mobile, had just won a case with publisher Tencent against those who made cheats for their game. The developer has since filed another suit, this time against Garena, for publishing Free Fire. The suit also involves Apple and Google, for selling it in their mobile stores.

This isn’t the first time that Krafton went after Garena for this reason. The first time happened back in 2017, with the suit filed in the latter’s home country, Singapore. This was basically over the same game, which was called Free Fire: Battlegrounds back then. Krafton Claims that Free Fire was too similar to its own PUBG Mobile, and to say the least, there was definitely a case to be made there.

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The suit back then concluded with a settlement. But this new one alleges that Garena continued to sell Free Fire immediately after, including a variant called Free Fire Max. Krafton’s new suit is filed in the US.

All things being said, this lawsuit is nothing new to PUBG, whether it’s the desktop or mobile versions of the game. Previously, Krafton subsidiary PUBG Corp sued NetEase over two other mobile battle royale games it saw as knockoffs of its own. The company even went after Epic Games and Fortnite, though that case was dropped soon after.

(Source: Polygon)

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