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The PlayStation VR2 feels like the longest teaser campaign for a technological product ever. First announced all the way back in January of this year, it wouldn’t be until a whole month later before Sony Interactive Entertainment would reveal what it looks like. That’s not even counting the Sense controllers that showed up a whole year earlier, in March 2021. Now, the company is finally announcing a release window for its next generation VR headset.

Via its social media channels, SIE has simply shared an image of the PS VR2 with its Sense controllers. As for the caption of the image, all the company has to say is “Coming early 2023”. The company is keeping the exact date for a later reveal, inadvertently or otherwise extending this teaser campaign that’s gone on for way too long. Naturally, no price figure has been revealed either, as that is probably set to be revealed with the exact availability date, or after.

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It also doesn’t help that an indie dev had accidentally showed what the PS VR2 looks like in real life by sharing a shot of the thing with its controllers. The image was promptly taken down, but not before it got reuploaded elsewhere on the internet.

SIE has last month revealed some of the features that the PlayStation VR2 will have. One of the more notable ones is the See-Through View, which allows users to see the real world via cameras mounted on the headset. This means that you don’t have to remove the headset when something outside of the VR game requires your attention. On the subject of mounted cameras, the headset is also using this to track your movement, rather than a standalone camera that you connect to the PS5. You can also set up a “play area” of sorts, and the headset will warn you if you’re about to wander out of it.

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