Sony DualSense Edge

Back in June, industry leakster Tom Henderson claimed that Sony Interactive Entertainment was working on a Pro controller for the PS5. The common parallel that came to mind at the time is the Xbox Elite series of controllers, with the extra back buttons, trigger stops and adjustable analogue sticks. Now, the company has announced what is effectively just that, in the form of the DualSense Edge.

As described on the PlayStation Blog, the DualSense Edge features the all new customisation options that you’d expect from a Pro controller. This includes the ability to adjust stick sensitivity and deadzones, as well as the ability to remap or even deactivate specific button inputs. Analogue stick caps are interchangeable, and so are the back buttons.

Sony DualSense Edge back
Source: PlayStation.

Another bonus feature that the DualSense Edge has over the basic model is the ability to save multiple profiles onto it, like a gaming mouse of keyboard. Which can be particularly useful if you do a lot of the aforementioned finetuning for different genres of games. Then there are the additional Fn buttons, like you’d find on a laptop keyboard, that allows for quickswapping profiles, as well as adjusting chat and game volumes.

While it looks to have more to offer than the average Pro controller, there are some aspects where the DualSense Edge is lacking. One is that there is only one pair of back buttons instead of the usual two. The other is the fact that the D-pad is not interchangeable, so you’re stuck with the 4-way D-pad. An 8-way D-pad would have been great to have, especially for fighting games.

All that being said, while SIE has revealed what the DualSense Edge controller looks like, the company is not yet ready to reveal its launch date. Ditto pricing, so the only thing we know for sure is that it will have a larger price tag than the basic DualSense.

(Source: PlayStation)


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