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Opera has announced that it has become the first browser to fully enable emoji-only web addresses. The integration is a result of a collaboration with Yat, a platform that lets you customise and purchase a domain name using only emojis, known as Yats.

Unlike with other browsers, where an emoji URL first needs to be preceded with “y.at”, you can just input the emojis in Opera’s address bar and it will take you straight to the corresponding page. The address can be used to share multiple links, similar to Linktree, a social media page, payment apps, or any other link.

yat emoji price

Just like with regular web domains, each emoji combination can be owned by only one person, and the prices seem to correspond with the rarity. As we checked, getting a one or two-emoji Yat requires you to make an offer that starts from $US200,000 (~RM837,220), with three-emoji URLs going for over US$200 (~RM837), depending on its “rhythm score”. However, a more affordable option is to get four or five emojis, which go for US$8 (~RM33) and US$4 (~RM16) respectively.

Several celebrities such as Lil Wayne (y.at/👽🎵), G-Eazy (y.at/🦇🌹), and Kesha (y.at/🌈🚀👽) have joined it on the emoji train. Yat is also selling a collection of rare emoji combinations as NFTs on OpenSea.

(Source: Opera)

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