No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky has been out for quite a long time, even if you only start counting from when the game delivered what it initially promised. Despite this, it will only be heading to the Nintendo Switch coming October. But, for some reason or other it will launch as a singleplayer experience.

As Eurogamer reports, Hello Games says that it will continue to expand the game post-release. But that doesn’t exactly confirm if that includes the missing multiplayer support.

In a sense, it fits the timeline of the game’s releases on other platforms. If you need a reminder of the timeline, No Man’s Sky was first released all the way back in August of 2016. But not only was it nothing like what was advertised, it didn’t even have a multiplayer mode. That would only arrive nearly two years later, in July 2018. Which may or may not be an indication as to the wait Nintendo Switch players will have to endure.

But on the flip side, it’s probably the only feature that the Nintendo Switch version of No Man’s Sky will have to wait for. The game is in a much better place now than when it first launched, and this new portable version will most probably include all the new features that have been added since, sans the multiplayer bit. Among them include things like base building, farming, customisable space freighters, pilotable mechs and other forms of vehicles.

So when exactly is No Man’s Sky for the Nintendo Switch becoming available? The date is 7 October, for both physical and digital editions of the game. As an aside, Hello Games is also releasing a physical remastered edition of the game for the PS5. This will also be released on the same day as the Nintendo Switch version.

(Source: Eurogamer)


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