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Back in August 2021, NBMiner, the cryptomining software, created a tool that allowed miners to unlock approximately 70% of Lite Hash Rate (LHR) versions of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics card. Fast forward to today, the NiceHash team is saying that it has not only successfully removed the LHR limiter for Windows-based systems, but also for Linux.

The Nicehash developers confirmed a couple of days ago that its latest QuickMiner software would now enable NVIDIA RTX 30 Series LHR graphics cards to fully mine Ethereum, with no hit to its performance. Following that report, it was also confirmed that the latest NBMiner v41 software also removes the LHR limiter and works for both Windows and Linux.

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As a quick primer, efforts to undermine NVIDIA’s LHR efforts first started back in March last year, when it pledged to get its RTX 30 Series desktop graphics into the hands of gamers, and not miners. The hashrate limiter, LHR, was the brand’s solution, up until the point that it wasn’t.

From its own snafu of accidentally uploading a driver that disabled the limiter, to physical circumventions via the use of dummy HDMI plugs, it’s safe to say that miners have come a long way in nearly a year since the launch of the GeForce RTX 3060 as well.

(Image source: NBMiner.)

In any case, the ball is now back in NVIDIA’s court, meaning we will have to wait and see if the GPU maker is going to respond with updated drivers for its LHR cards or let this slide.

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