Earlier this week, information about Sonos’ next soundbar leaked but more specifically, it was the name of the one-piece speaker: Ray. Then, as though pouring oil over an open fire, someone began sharing marketing shots of the soundbar online.

Specifically, it was a Twitter user going by the name SnoopyTech. The images basically show the Sonos Ray sporting the brand’s traditional colours, both in all-black and all-white themes. Also in true Sonos form, the speaker grille of the Ray is machine drilled and contains a ton of holes.

A shot of the Sonos Ray’s rear also confirms that the soundbar will not include an HDMI eARC port. Instead, it appears to connect to a TV via an optical cable. Despite the lack of an HDMI port, though, the Ray is expected to be able to receive and play Dolby Atmos surround sound, albeit when used by its lonesome.

Once again, Sonos has yet to officially announce its new soundbar, but other rumours are also suggesting that its parent company is planning on launching it within the coming weeks. Price-wise, it is expected to retail at US$249.

(Source: The Verge, Twitter)

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