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Netflix is a platform from where you can stream massive numbers of series and movies. But livestreaming is not an option for the platform. That may change in the future, as the service is exploring the launch of just that.

Deadline reports that Netflix has confirmed that it is in the early stages of developing its own livestreaming capabilities. The report also notes that this will be for its range of unscripted shows and stand-up specials. When these are ongoing, the streaming platform will allow viewers to participate in live voting for shows like live competitions and contests.

An example that was highlighted is the upcoming Dance 100 series. Another is the possible return of the Netflix Is A Joke festival. Which is probably the one that makes the most sense since most of what we watch on the platform is a recording of the actual live show anyway.

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It’s worth noting that, in the early days of Netflix livestreaming shows, they are not actually live, despite the name. The report mentions the platform “could potentially air shows live, albeit with a few seconds delay in case things get saucy”, but only in the future.

The Deadline report also brings up the possibility of sports coverage. There has also been the recent Formula 1: Drive to Survive series. Though said series is supposedly unrelated to the whole sports streaming thing.

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That is probably the most common use of livestreaming outside of more recent uses by the likes of Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. And on the subject of video games livestreaming, that’s another market Netflix can try to cut into.

As mentioned earlier, Netflix is still in its early days of developing its livestreaming capabilities. So naturally it will be quite awhile before the rollout. There’s no timeline for it either, to it’s not something one should hold their breath for.

(Source: Deadline)

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