A manager of community development at Meta, the parent company for Facebook, was caught in a sting operation, aimed at exposing paedophiles. The man, Jeren Miles, was caught on camera by the amateur team and was presented with evidence that he had allegedly sent explicit messages to an underage boy.

In the sting video, the team rolled up to Miles’ room at a hotel in the US state of Ohio and presented evidence that he was allegedly grooming a 13-year-old boy. The video also shows Miles reluctantly owning up to his inappropriate actions, although you can see that he also tries to defend his action, saying that he had distanced himself while flirting with the boy. And that there was never any intention to meet up with him.

Unsurprisingly, Miles’ was released from Meta, with the company confirming that it had terminated him and that he was longer an employee at the company. For another matter, this will undoubtedly serve as a stain on Meta’s record, and it is likely that it will, in one form or another, come up again in the future, be it on Facebook or the parent company as a whole.

(Source: Washington Examiner, YouTube)

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