McDonald's McCrispy gaming chair

Gaming chairs are usually very fancy accessories to the hobby, with special editions paying homage to popular characters in the medium. But what if you were presented with a gaming chair made by a fast food chain? Because that is exactly what this McDonald’s McCrispy gaming chair is.

We should probably start with the goofiness of the way this looks. While black is a colour that usually goes well with just about any colour, there’s something about this shade of yellow that just make this combo look off. Nevermind that you have the McCrispy name pasted around the chair, in case the M on the headrest wasn’t a big enough sign that this is a McDonald’s gaming chair.

McDonald's McCrispy gaming chair close up
Source: McDonald’s UK / Facebook.

Then there are the two tables extending from the armrest. To the left, there’s a hot box that looks like a tub, which is apparently supposed to keep your McCrispy burger warm “while gaming”. The aftermath of which already sounds like a nightmare, especially if your gaming involves a keyboard. Just behind the tub is a space to hold your drinks cup.

On the right armrest of the McDonald’s McCrispy gaming chair, this table has space for a fries holder and two dip holders, assuming you use the nugget sauce packets. Again, a nightmare for keyboard users, though things aren’t much better for mice and controllers either. If you prefer to swap the two tables around, it is apparently possible to do so. Maybe this entire package is meant to pair with the Pringles potato chip feeder.

Though if you like this chair and actually want one, you most likely can’t. The fast food chain is only giving away one as part of a giveaway, which is only open to residents of the UK. The company is also only giving away one from the looks of it, though PC Gamer claims that there are four in the world.

(Source: McDonald’s UK [1], [2] via PC Gamer)

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