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Maxis has introduced a new prepaid plan called Hotlink Prepaid Pantas with a one-year data validity period. The new plan replaces the Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 plan which had the same year-long validity, but comes with some changes.

To keep the SIM active, users under Internet 365 had to top-up a minimum of RM5 every 60 days, but with  the new Hotlink Prepaid Pantas, users now have to reload a minimum of RM10 within a 30-day period. Aside from that, all internet passes purchased still come with 365-day validity.


maxis hotlink prepaid pantas priceWith the higher minimum commitment, Maxis is trying to make up for it with cheaper internet passes. You can now get 20GB of uncapped data for RM30, 8gb for RM15, 5GB for RM10, 2GB for RM4, and as little as 1GB for RM2. Keep in mind that, according to the telco’s FAQ: if your high-speed data runs out, you won’t even have throttled basic internet.

For comparison, the Internet 365 plan came with 10GB for RM20, 4GB for RM10, and 2GB for RM6. And just like the previous plan, Prepaid Pantas comes with the option to have one year of SIM validity for RM30, so that light users wouldn’t have to worry about topping up every month.

maxis hotlink prepaid pantas plan

The starter pack for Hotlink Prepaid Pantas costs RM10 with RM5 credit, but requires users to purchase the internet pass separately. Maxis is also offering a SIM Pack bundle for RM25, which comes with RM2 credit and 10GB of data. Calls are charged at a flat rate of 15 sen for every 30 seconds and 15 sen per SMS to all local networks.

Aside from the Hotlink website and Maxis stores, those interested can also buy the Hotlink Prepaid Pantas SIM pack at any 7-Eleven, myNEWS, and 99 Speedmart outlets.

(Source: Maxis press release)

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