LG left the business of making smartphones back in April of last year. But despite no longer making full devices for itself, it is still making components for such devices and selling them to other players in the market. Recently, the South Korean tech giant has teased what it calls the blandly named “Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera Module”, and says that it will be revealing it during CES early next year.

Made by the LG Innotek arm, the company claims that this phone camera module will be giving phones true optical zoom within the 4x – 9x telephoto range. The company explains that most phones make use of multiple camera modules with fixed zoom modules that provides their specified level of zoom. Naturally, a camera module with true optical zoom like this one by LG can not only provide the two levels of zoom, but also any other level in between thanks to the moving lens used as part of the tech.

LG Mobile MWC 2017

To be clear, the company is by no means the first to unveil such a thing, as there are already a number of phones already in the market sporting camera tech using similar principles. But in one way that LG intends to set its product apart from the rest is its claim that this new optical zoom camera module will help “remove the camera bump”.

The company says that “the module thickness was minimized” to achieve this, suggesting that it will be a periscope zoom module of some form. That being said, it’s still a bold claim to say that this is the one camera module that can eliminate the camera bump on phones where even those equipped with periscope zoom cameras still have slight bumps of their own.

LG V30 hands on camera

LG Innotek also says that it is working closely with Qualcomm to ensure that its new optical zoom camera module is optimised for devices running Snapdragon 8 Gen2.  We will probably learn more once the official unveiling is done and over with. CES 2023 is scheduled to start near the end of the first week of January.

(Source: LG / PR Newswire)

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