PlayStation pouch Kinokuniya Malaysia comparison

UPDATE [7:20 PM]: In seemingly less than 30 minutes after this article was published, Kinokuniya Malaysia has said in the comments of the original post that all of the pre-order slots have been fully reserved.


The original PlayStation has a special place in the hearts of many gamers. Sony Interactive Entertainment tried to capitalise on this with the PlayStation Classic mini console back in 2018. While that was nice, it doesn’t quite compare to something a lot more recent that the video game maker has licensed – multi-pouch bag that’s a 1/1 scale of the console itself. And Kinokuniya Malaysia is now taking pre-orders for it.

The pouch itself comes with a single subcompartment on the inside, and it has the PlayStation logo printed all over. But beyond the print and the very enticing look of the exterior, it’s a pretty ordinary pouch.

PlayStation pouch Kinokuniya Malaysia zip
Source: Kinokuniya Malaysia / Facebook.

SoraNews24 reports that while this is an official licensed product by PlayStation, you can’t get it from the company directly. Instead, they are available via book magazine publisher Takarajimasha. This is because the pouch is actually an extra, bundled with a book or magazine that covers the history of the console platform. The idea is to use these extras to entice the sale of the book or magazine, which is probably what Kinokuniya Malaysia is actually importing.

PlayStation pouch Kinokuniya Malaysia prints
Source: Kinokuniya Malaysia / Facebook.

The report goes on to say that there are two versions of this pouch. One comes with blue PlayStation prints on the inside. These will be available  starting 13 June when purchasing the print at convenience stores in Japan. Then there’s one with black prints, which are available at bookshops instead. This black one is the one that Kinokuniya Malaysia is bringing in.

PlayStation pouch Kinokuniya Malaysia filled
Source: Kinokuniya Malaysia / Facebook.

The retailer says that its price is estimated to be around RM122. And it will arrive in mid-June, fitting the timeframe in which the book  goes on sale in Japan. If you’re interested in getting one of the PlayStation pouches yourself, you can make your reservation by sending an email to its Japanese Book department at For what it’s worth, if you want the blue one instead, you can get directly from Takarajimasha, which does international shipping. You can find the links to both colours below.

(Source: Kinokuniya Malaysia / Facebook, Takarajimasha [1], [2] via SoraNews24)

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