PerantiSiswa K-KOMM

The ministry of communications and multimedia (K-KOMM) recently denied that it has opened online registrations for its PerantiSiswa programme. The clarification arrives after a fake application link had gone viral on social media.

The link led to a page hosted on a website known as “System Guru Online”, but was deleted soon after the ministry was made aware of its circulation. According to its About page, the website itself is run by Kelantan-based company Aflah Future Enterprise, with the aim of providing education-based resources to teachers and parents.

K-KOMM minister Annuar Musa clarified on Twitter yesterday that System Guru Online is an independent website and is not affiliated with the government. Meanwhile, secretary-general Mohammad Mentek issued a statement regarding the matter as well, advising the public not to easily trust information that has gone viral on social media without first referring to official sources.

Mohammad also noted that the official online registration system for the PerantiSiswa is still under development, and will only start operating from 15 April 2022. As announced by Annuar Musa last month, the programme is expected to benefit 400,000 students from B40 families nationwide with free tablets for educational purposes.

(Source: Bernama / Annuar Musa [Twitter])

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