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The Steam Deck becomes officially available starting 25 February, but sadly Malaysia is not one of the places where Valve will be sending them. Though if you’re desperate enough to get one, you’re not entirely out of luck. Local gaming retailer Impulse Gaming has announced it will be bringing in a limited number of units to our shores.

The announcement was made on the retailer’s official Facebook page. But while it’s good news for those who want the Valve handheld gaming PC, there are some caveats that should be made clear. One is that the number of units that Impulse Gaming will actually be able to acquire will be “extremely limited” in number. They will also not be at retail prices, as the retailer itself is getting them from overseas resellers.

For what it’s worth, you can see what Impulse Gaming estimates the prices to be. The model with 64GB is rated at a very vague RM24xx – RM25xx. Going up a level, there’s the 256GB model with the estimated RM32xx – RM34xx. And finally, the 512GB model has an estimated price range between RM38xx and RM41xx.

Considering the situation, it’s probably no surprise that you’ll have to pay a deposit if you want one. Impulse Gaming says that if it can’t get you your Steam Deck, then you’ll be getting your deposit back, but if you cancel your order, the deposit is not refundable. Taking a look at the pre-order page, the deposit is RM499 regardless of model.

Any way you slice it, the Steam Deck is not something that one can get affordably in Malaysia. But it’s nice of Impulse Gaming to be up-front about the situation behind its pricing. And all things considered, it’s still one option for Malaysians to get something that Valve isn’t officially bringing in.

(Source: Impulse Gaming / Facebook)

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