ThinkPhone by Motorola

As a phone brand, the Lenovo subsidiary known as Motorola is probably best known for its foldable Razr series, itself a revival of sorts of the classic clamshell from two decades ago. The brand does make other phones, but none of them have obvious cues being taken from the parent company. But images of what is known as the Motorola ThinkPhone have appeared online, with more Lenovo influence bleeding through than just the name.

Twitter user SnoopyTech has shared images of the phone, as well as a very limited list of specs that the phone will carry. What is most likely to be drawing eyeballs is the “ThinkPhone by Motorola” branding at the bottom right corner of the back. The font is similar, if not outright identical, to the ThinkPad laptops by Lenovo, the line itself an IBM legacy before it was acquired. Beyond that, there’s also a mysterious red button on the top left that’s reminiscent of the ThinkPad’s red Trackpoint.

ThinkPhone by Motorola front
Source: SnoopyTech / Twitter.

Beyond these details, the body of the ThinkPhone by Motorola looks a lot like the X40 that was announced in China earlier in the month. There’s also the possibility of an IP rating for water resistance if the header image is to be believed. But while the X40 uses the latest Qualcomm Snapragon 8 Gen2 chipset, SnoopyTech claims that the ThinkPhone will sport the 8 Plus Gen1 instead, making it a minor downgrade.

Source: SnoopyTech / Twitter.

The same applies to charging speed, with the leak coming with a 68W figure, likely referring to the wired charging rate. Among the images that came with it is the phone being placed on a stand of some kind, which presumably also serves as a wireless charger.

ThinkPhone by Motorola w ThinkPad

All that being said, there’s no word on when the ThinkPhone by Motorola will be officially unveiled just yet. The same goes for when it will actually be available, and if it will make its way here.

(Source: SnoopyTech / Twitter)

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