It seems that rumours about Intel bringing back the stock cooler for its CPU have not been unfounded. Thanks to internet sleuths, we now have a proper look at the stock cooler the chipmaker is planning on bundling its next lineup of CPUs with.

The image comes courtesy of Videocardz, who in turn got it off of prominent leakster 188号 (@momomo_us). As you can see, the new Intel 12th generation stock cooler – dubbed RM1 – is a blend of both metal and plastic; the heatsink that is placed on top of the CPU takes up the bottom half of the component, while the upper half appears to be made out of a hard, heat-resistant, transparent plastic. Design-wise, the attached fan has five blades and sits unobstructed in well, with a bright blue LED ring around it.

As for when Intel intends on shipping it out, several reports are of the belief that the company could ship them out alongside its non-K 65W-based CPU lineup that is expected to be announced on 4 January, during CES 2022. If one were to be specific, we could see non-K variants of the 12th generation Core i7 getting bundled with the new stock cooler.

(Source: Videocardz, Twitter)

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