Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi

Last year, Disney and Bandai got together and gave the world an R2-D2 Tamagotchi. This year, the two companies have got another collaboration to announce, and it features probably the former’s most recognisable mascot character in recent times. It’s Grogu, or probably better known by its unofficial nickname Baby Yoda, and it too is getting the Tamagotchi treatment.

More specifically, the two companies have announced a Tamagotchi Nano featuring the character. The official announcement came via the Tamagotchi US Twitter account, but details are on the scarce side of things. For what it’s worth the official Tamagotchi site mentions more of what you will be getting from it, though nothing you can’t already imagine if you’re familiar with this line of virtual pet toys.

As you’d expect, you get the usual routine of feeding Grogu, with a choice of squid chowder and macarons. The twist here is that depending on its feeding habits, the character can evolve “into one of 12 different appearances”. Though apparently feeding Grogu too much squid chowder  and “the squid will jump on him”, whatever that is supposed to mean.

There are also the usual collection of mini-games, some of which will “nurture” the character. This then leads to “10 playable outcomes depending on how you interact with him”. Beyond these, there are two more mini-games that are “available anytime to play”, suggesting it won’t affect which outcome you get. There’s also a mention of special guests that will “come and visit every hour”.

The Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi Nano will come in two variants. One is the standard blue-coloured one, the other being the “Using the Force” edition, which comes with a silicon case portraying the character itself. No pricing details or even an availability date yet, as the official announcement tweet only mentions that it will be available for pre-order via Amazon “soon”.

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