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Ever heard of Google Currents? Me neither, at least until recently. It’s the internet search giant’s enterprise app that’s supposed to let people share ideas with their colleagues. It’s also the service that replaced Google+ when it got wind down in 2019. Now, Currents itself is undergoing its own winding down.

In a blog post, Google announced that it will be merging Currents with Spaces, which is the company’s own business communications platform. In other words, its own version of Slack. This is all set to happen by 2023, though no specific dates were mentioned.

Google Currents 2
Source: Google

Google Spaces has its own turbulent history. As Android Central points out, it was initially shelved in 2017, just a year after launch. Then Google replaced Rooms with Spaces last year, with better incorporation of other Workspace apps like Docs. So the folding of Currents into Spaces is, by comparison, a little more straightforward.

Google Currents 3
Source: Google

If you’re someone who uses Google Currents or is part of an organisation that does, you’ll probably see this as a benefit overall. The company claims that it’s doing this to integrate an otherwise “separate, siloed destination” into another that’s got better integration with the other work tools that it has to offer.

(Source: Google via Android Central)

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