The Road Transport Department (JPJ) is planning to suspend driving institutes if too many of their former students committed traffic offences or were involved in road accidents. While the idea is still in the planning stage, the implementation may take place very soon.

To make this possible, future driving licence will include a code that represents the driving institute that has trained the license holder. According to the JPJ Director-General Zailani Hashim, this will be part of the e-Testing system that will go live this coming April.

Interesting enough, he also pointed out that even the driving instructor’s certificate (formerly known as SPIM) may be suspended as well. At the moment, there are around 10,569 certified instructors throughout the country says Zailani.

Originally revealed in 2015, the e-Testing system is being implemented to help deter bribery and reduce the number of officers that JPJ needs to deploy during a driving test. However, the system will only be used for the track portion of the test while theory & practical classes and road test will remain as they are.

(Source: Bernama, Kosmo, Buletin TV3.)

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