DOC2US First Tejani Ambulance partnership MoU

Local e-prescriptions provider DOC2US today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with private ambulance operator First Tejani Ambulance Services (FTAS). This new partnership enables the latter to provide its on-demand ambulance services via the former’s mobile application.

For those unfamiliar, FTAS is an extension of Malaysian emergency medical services outfit First Ambulance Services Sdn Bhd. The private service consists of a fleet of 50 5G-enabled life support ambulances, as well as over 120 specialists and dedicated paramedics, all of which are on standby 24/7 to provide assistance with specialty and preventative care.

DOC2US First Tejani Ambulance partnership MoU
Image: DOC2US

In a statement, DOC2US CEO and co-founder Dr. Raymond Choy says the collaboration is in line with the service’s commitment to provide “responsive, integrated and comprehensive healthcare services to the public in a more inclusive manner.” He also notes that this new addition primarily aims to provide patients in non-life threatening situations with an accessible alternative for healthcare transportation in their time of need.

On the other hand, First Tejani Ambulance Services director Dr Jaianand Tejani expressed that this partnership would allow the private ambulance outfit to provide quality pre-and post-hospital transferring at a moment’s notice for users. “With our ambulances, staff and network of private medical providers, we are driven to save lives and provide the best patient outcomes together with DOC2US,” he added.

DOC2US First Tejani Ambulance partnership MoU
Image: First Ambulance Services

According to DOC2US, users who require an ambulance can make their first engagement through its mobile application, where a button to request for the service can be found on the homepage. After submitting a request, the patient’s situation will then be evaluated and assessed by the local e-prescriptions provider first before being directed to FTAS.

DOC2US First Tejani Ambulance partnership MoU

Neither DOC2US or FTAS mentioned the rates for requesting ambulance services via the former’s app, though pricing for such services are rarely disclosed. On that note, charges often differ between private ambulance providers and travel distance is also taken into account.

(Source: DOC2US press release)

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