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When CelcomDigi merged late last year, the telcos told its customers that there will be no major changes that they needed to worry about. At the time, the telcos also says that the bluecube outlets and Digi Stores will also continue to operate as usual. Now, we’re seeing the first change as a result of the merger, and it’s one for the better, as they will now be providing cross-store services.

What this means is if you are a customer of either Celcom or Digi, you’ll be able to get access to services that the telcos provide from both bluecube outlets or Digi Stores. These are the usual plan changes, SIM card replacements, bill payments and prepaid reloads, as well as signing up for new plans or migrating between them.

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That being said, the stores themselves will remain unchanged on the outside. The signage outside Celcom bluecube outlets and Digi Stores will remain as they are, despite now providing services for both telcos. And with the two combined, the company says that it has a total of 534 touchpoints across the country.

Last week, both Celcom and Digi announced the extension of 5G trials for their customers until 30 April. Though what happens after that point can go quite differently, depending on which exactly customers are subscribed to. The blue half has not made any announcement whether it will terminate 5G access after that point, or charge RM10 a month for it, or make it free.

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On the other hand, the yellow counterpart of CelcomDigi has stated that some plans will will continue to get free access to 5G, while others will have to pay a monthly fee of RM10. Plans that fall under the former include the Digi Postpaid 90, 120, 150 and Postpaid Family Unlimited, while the Postpaid 40, 60, Pospaid Family 20, 30 and 34 are the plans that will be charged.

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