Narita Boy GOG giveaway

With all the sales going on this Black Friday week, you probably don’t need a free game to add to your play list for the year end holidays. But if you’re of the opinion that there’s no such thing as too small a pile of shame, here’s one that you can claim from GOG within just two days. It’s called Narita Boy, and you have only until tomorrow evening to claim it.

Despite the way it looks, Narita Boy was released just last year, or March 2021 to be a little more precise. Made by Spanish dev team Studio Koba and published by Team17, this Metroidvania platformer was funded through Kickstarter back in 2017. Gameplay is as you’d expect of a game from the genre, with keys that unlock access to new areas, ability unlocks that change up the way you play, and the retro style adds to its simplicity.

Narita Boy screenshot 1
Narita Boy screenshot 2
Narita Boy screenshot 3

Though one major exception, and this is quite the headscratcher, is that in Narita Boy, you can’t backtrack to pick up things that you may have missed in previous areas. Which is the exact opposite in level design of many other Metroidvania games, that lock segments of early areas off, getting you to return when you have the necessary key or ability to access said area. While the linearity is nice for one-off experiences, locking off backtracking entirely makes it so that, if you missed one collectible and your game happens to save after that area, you’ll have to start all over again to get it.

At any rate, Narita Boy is currently a free game on GOG that you can claim before the end of tomorrow. At the time of writing, the countdown timer shows just under 36 hours left to claim the game for free, which means you have until 10PM tomorrow, 25 November, to permanently add the game to your library.

(Source: GOG)

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