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Chipolo has announced a new tracker called the CARD Spot, which works exclusively with Apple’s Find My network. It conveniently comes in the size and shape of a credit card so you can fit it into your wallet or card holder.

This is Chipolo’s second Find My-enabled device, following the ONE Spot released earlier this year, which was the first third-party tracker to feature support for Apple’s vast network. Just to bring you up to speed, Find My takes advantage of the millions of Apple devices out there to crowdsource a tracker’s location.

The water-resistant card can use Lost Mode on the Find My app so that users will be notified when the missing tracker is found. You can also make it play a sound if you’ve misplaced it, and just like with AirPods, it notify you through your phone if you leave your item behind.

Chipolo card spot tracker find my
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The tracker runs on a two-year non-replaceable battery, meaning that you’ll eventually need to dispose and replace it, which can be expensive if you want to track multiple items. On the bright side, it’s an improvement over the original CARD’s one-year battery life.

Unlike the regular Chipolo CARD tracker though, the CARD Spot won’t work with Android phones or, ironically enough, the Chipolo app. The Find My-compatible variant also lacks the physical button to ring your misplaced phone.

Chipolo card spot wallet
[Photo: Chipolo]

The Chipolo CARD Spot is open for pre-orders now on its website for EUR35 (~RM165) and will ship in February. The shipping cost to Malaysia is EUR15 (~RM70) but you can get free shipping on orders over EUR 50 (~RM236).

While the non-replaceable battery essentially makes the CARD Spot disposable, Chipolo offers a 50% discount for a replacement card if you send in your dead tracker to be recycled.

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