celcom router modem replacement flood

Celcom has announced that it is offering free replacements of selected network equipment for customers who have had these devices damaged by the recent floods.

Celcom Home Fibre customers are usually issued a Broadband Termination Unit (BTU) and a Wi-Fi 6 router which come with a 12-month and 24-month warranty, respectively. According to the FAQ on its website, replacing either of these devices for reasons other than manufacturing defects would usually costs RM300, regardless of whether they are still under warranty or otherwise.

celcom router modem replacement
[Photo: Celcom / Facebook.]

On the other hand, Celcom Home Wireless customers would be loaned a wireless broadband CPE that also comes with a 24-month warranty as standard. The telco did not reveal the exact cost for repairs or replacements outside of manufacturing defects but it will charge you RM499 if the CPE is returned in damaged condition after you terminate your Celcom Home Wireless subscription.

As noted in the poster above, the replacement program does have terms and conditions attached to it but we are still waiting for the telco to get back to us regarding this. Nevertheless, if you’re a Celcom customer affected by the floods and would like to get a replacement for your network equipment, you can call their hotline at 1111 or +6019-601 1111.

For unifi customers that are in the same predicament, TM is providing free replacements for flood-damaged routers and modems as well.

(Source: Celcom/Facebook.)

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