Star Wars 1313 footage

There were many Star Wars game released back in the day, so it’s no surprise if there were just as many that were cancelled. One of them was Star Wars: 1313, which was supposed to star Boba Fett. Now development footage of the game have made its way online courtesy of the fan community known as the Vault.

The footage is pretty rough, as you’d expect from a project that was never completed. But it shows what the game could have been. It had an Uncharted-esque scripted chase sequence, which is strange in its own way, seeing the bounty hunter without his jetpack.

Following that, we see bits an pieces of what a shootout would’ve been like, if the game had more time in the oven. It was nothing mind-blowing, even for its time. But it still made for compelling gameplay nevertheless, especially if it came with a compelling story.

In the end, this is just a glimpse into what could’ve been. EA alone is working on three Star Wars games, and Ubisoft has one that’s upcoming. None of them look to be about Boba Fett. But if you’re looking for content that’s tangentially related to the bounty hunter, you have two seasons of The Mandalorian, as well as The Book of Boba Fett that’s ongoing.

(Source: The Vault via PC Gamer)

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