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Discussions surrounding NFTs tend to get very heated, especially in the video games circles. Perhaps to get a more targeted view on the subject, video games publisher Blizzard got some of its players to complete a survey gauging their interest in the controversial tech, as well as play-to-earn cryptocurrency games.

GameRant reports that a select number of players were asked to complete a YouGove survey over the weekend. The survey was pretty wide in scope, asking gamers to rate their interest in a number of “emerging / future trends in gaming”. Naturally, one of the items here is play-to-earn gaming, whihc includes cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Naturally, this got gamers talking, prompting Blizzard president Mike Ybarra to respond with a tweet saying “No one is doing NFTs”. The messaging here is mixed, to say the least, what with the poll and then the short response to chatter regarding said poll.

Blizzard has not yet officially stepped into the NFT arena. Though it wouldn’t be surprising if it does someday despite what the president says now. Sega previously filed for trademarks of its own NFTs while company CEO says during a management meeting in the same month that it will not proceed with its play-to-earn plans if it’s “perceived as simple money-making” by gamers. The company is also working on its SuperGame initiative, which may involve NFTs.

(Source: GameRant, VGC)

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