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Apple has launched a new Android app called Tracker Detect, which detects any Find My network-compatible trackers that are separated from its owner. The reason for this is to prevent Android users from being tracked without their knowledge by AirTags and other similar trackers.

Apple was quite aware of this privacy concern as it announced the development of the app back in June, shortly after the AirTag was launched. When far apart from its owner, AirTags, AirPods, and compatible third-party devices use the Find My network to ping its location to the Find My app by crowdsourcing through the Bluetooth connection of surrounding Apple devices.

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iPhones and iPads will notify you if there’s an AirTag moving around with you without its owner, but of course, Android devices didn’t have this ability until now. If you want to check whether or not you’re secretly being tracked, open up the Tracker Detect app and tap on “Scan”.

The app should be able to reveal any AirTags or similar devices if they’re nearby. If it’s still following you after 10 minutes, you can have the tracker play a sound in order for you to easily spot where it is hidden. You can then scan it with NFC to see if it’s been marked as lost – else, you can disable it by taking out the battery. Tracker Detect is available to download for free for Android devices via Google Play Store.

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