Apex Legends

In what felt like ages ago, EA announced in an earnings call that the publisher intends to bring its successful Apex Legends battle royale to mobile. At the time, the release window was noted as fiscal year 2021, which starts on 1 October 2020. We’ve already blown past that date with no news, but that recently changed.

On the game’s official Twitter account, Respawn Entertainment has announced that Apex Legends Mobile will be released later this month. No exact date has been announced, though. That being the case, the devs have also announced pre-registrations for the game.

Or rather, pre-registrations for the Android version. iOS users on the other hand get to sign up for pre-registration updates, likely meaning that it will come slightly later than the Android version. Based on the wording of the tweet, it’s probably safe to say that despite the apparently staggered release, both will still launch within the month.

GameSpot previously quoted  Apex Legends game director Chad Greiner as saying that the mobile version “is specially designed for touchscreens, with streamlined controls and optimisations”. So while it will be true to the original, it’s fair to say that there will be some changes to accommodate replacing good old keyboard-and-mouse or controller inputs for the touchscreen.

(Source: Respawn Entertainment / Twitter, GameSpot)

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