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In October last year, Amy Hennig announced she and her studio Skydance New Media were working on a Marvel game. In what looks like a separate project, the developer has announced a separate project with Lucasfilm for the Star Wars universe.

Unfortunately, the announcement itself is devoid of details. All that can be found are the usual pleasantries and choice quotes that have little to do with the game itself. But for what it’s worth, Skydance New Media is also hiring for the new project, though mostly for senior roles only. The plus side is that they are also remote roles.

This is not the first time Amy Hennig was at the helm of making a Star Wars game. Way back when, Hennig was working on a Project Ragtag, a linear action-adventure game, which sounds pretty similar to this one. With the closure of Visceral Games, the studio that’s not only behind the Dead Space series but also Project Ragtag, EA tried to pivot the project to a live service model before ultimately cancelling it outright.

All this was during a dark age for Star Wars video games when EA had exclusive publishing rights. Barring any new deals, this is set to end in 2023, with more publishers beyond Amy Hennig and Skydance New Media working on their own games in the universe to be released soon after the exclusivity ends. EA itself is also working on a few, after finding that games that are not live services can work as well.

(Source: Lucasfilm, Amy Hennig / Twitter)

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