New information about Intel’s ARC Alchemist GPUs have surfaced online and more specifically, the alleged details seem to be about the ARC A380, and entry-level desktop GPU.

The leaks was first posted by prominent leakster 188号 (@momomo_us), who in turn found the alleged ‘s benchmarks scores posted on the hardware performance repository, SiSoftware. According to the listing, the A380 will ship out with 1024 FP32 shading units, which translates to around 128 Execution Units (EU).

Performance-wise, the A380 scored around 2.87Mpix/s in the GPGPU processing benchmark, while in the GPGPU memory bandwidth test, it yielded a score of 25.68GB/s. As a point of reference, the GPGPU score is around the level as an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, a discrete GPU that is only available on laptops.

At the time of writing, Intel has yet to release an official statement regarding its ARC Alchemist GPU lineup, and while it is expected that the brand will be making an announcement of sorts during its CES 2022 keynote, along with the possible announcement of the non-K variants of Alder Lake CPUs.

That said, the discovery of the A380 seems to further set in stone Intel’s naming convention for its ARC Alchemist GPU lineup; initial rumours had suggested an “Axxx” designation for its graphics cards, meaning that its more powerful cards could end up brandishing an A7xx or A5xx, denoting enthusiast-level or mid-range graphics cards, respectively.

(Source: MOMOMO_US via Twitter, SiSoftware, Videocardz)

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