AirAsia Super App has recently launched the latest component of its ecosystem which is the new AirAsia Pocket e-wallet. Even though the official launch only took place last week, the subsidiary of Capital A has been internally testing it for the past three months.

Deemed as the last piece of the puzzle by the Super App’s CEO, Amanda Woo, the feature was made then available to the public last Tuesday ahead of its launch event a few days later. The division’s Chief Fintech Officer, Mohamad Hafidz Mohd Fadzil revealed that around 31,000 users already activated Pocket within three days after it went live.

AirAsia Pocket
The management team of Capital A, AirAsia Super App, and Fasspay at the launch of AirAsia Pocket.

Throughout the launch event, the management team repeatedly pointed out that the focus of Pocket is to provide a simple and seamless payment experience specifically for Super App users. This is the biggest difference between the new e-wallet feature and BigPay as the latter has been designed as a public payment instrument which is why it includes additional capabilities such as a debit card.

When asked about the integration between Pocket and the FACES biometric system which is something that has been highlighted in the past, Hafidz said that there is no timeline for it to happen at the moment. He also said that the Super App team is actively looking into it as the FACES system is being rolled out at more airports.

AirAsia Pocket
AirAsia Pocket’s expansion plan, as presented by AirAsia Super App’s Chief Fintech Officer, Mohamad Hafidz Mohd Fadzil.

In addition to that, Amanda also said that once Pocket reached a certain number of user activations, only then the company will begin to pursue other use cases. Nevertheless, Super App already looking to make it available in other ASEAN markets soon.

The company is planning to launch Pocket in Thailand sometime in Q4 later this year before bringing it over to Indonesia next year. Super App will also bring Pocket over to The Philippines in the last quarter of 2023.

AirAsia Pocket
We gave the new e-wallet a try last week, ahead of its official launch event.

In case you wondering what is it all about, do have a closer look at the new AirAsia Pocket e-wallet by checking out our hands on experience right here.

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