Prior to its launch and early into the rumour-mongering of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 40 Series, one particular rumour suggested that the Green GPU maker was working on an unusually large and thick graphics card. Now, snapshots of the alleged chonkster have made their way online.

The RTX 40 Series card, known unofficially as the RTX 4090 Ti, the RTX Titan, or “The Beast”, was rumoured to take up at least 4-slots on a motherboard. However, what made the card unique was the way its I/O bracket and ports were arranged. Rather than have them lined up in a row, one image shows the ports stacked vertically.

The names of this top-tier RTX 40 Series GPU is, unsurprisingly, still unconfirmed, but it is confirmed in another picture that the card’s PCB number is listed as PG137. This number lends a certain air of credence to its alleged “Beast” reference, as earlier rumours from kopite7kimi (@kopite7kimi) had also referenced it.

As a quick recap, the PCB number of the Beast was listed as PG137-SKU0, while the GPU architecture was allegedly a an AD102-450-A1. Other specifications included 48GB GDDR6X graphics memory running at 24 Gbps, and a maximum TDP of 800W alone. Also, it is supposed to have 18176 CUDA cores.

Another suggestion toward’s the alleged Titan reference of the Beast is also the one of the most obvious: the gold colour of the cooler design. Typically, NVIDIA’s Titan cards have often been shipped out in the prosperous colour, primarily as a means to differentiate the GPU from its consumer-ready GPUs, which are silver or in the case of the high-end RTX 30 and 40 Series cards, dark grey.

Whatever the case, there is still no real indication if NVIDIA intends to release this thick RTX 40 Series GPU, nor is there an actual timeline from the GPU brand. Having said that, the takeaway that we’re looking at here is that, with all these images of the supposed card already out in the open, there are now two possibilities: either the rumours were right about this card was merely a concept and was never planned to see the light of day, we could be expecting this card sooner, rather than later.

(Source: MEGAsizeGPU via Videocardz)

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