1password crypto wallet phantom

The latest 1Password update allows users to more easily store their cryptocurrency wallet information. It now has a specific item type called Crypto Wallet that’s dedicated to crypto and digital assets.

The new feature provides a ready-made blank format that includes labelled fields to input a recovery phrase and wallet address. It was previously possible to store your crypto wallet on the password manager, but it required repurposing existing fields. 1Password’s website even has a guide on how to customise the sections for wallet information.

1password crypto wallet
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The update also comes with support for Phantom, a crypto wallet that stores tokens and NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Those with an active 1Password membership can create a Phantom wallet on their browser and it will prompt the user to save the wallet’s details.

While the integration is convenient for those with cryptocurrency, it still requires you to pay for a 1Password membership which starts at US$2.99 (~RM12) per month. If you want a free browser option, you could opt for Brave’s recently launched Brave Wallet, which doesn’t even require installing an extension.

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